Veterans Coming Home

( In Production )

Video Trailer: 

What question about the experiences of veterans returning home would you like us to investigate, as our team hits the road? 

Veterans Coming Home is an innovative cross-platform public media campaign that bridges America’s military-civilian divide by telling stories, challenging stereotypes and exploring how the values of service and citizenship are powerful connectors for all Americans.

Throughout the spring of 2016, a team of photographers, writers, and filmmakers — both veteran and civilian — will crisscross the country, creating digital shorts, videos, and other compelling content exploring issues of service, citizenship, and veteran’s lives. By working with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – including 14 partner PBS stations – Veterans Coming Home will create public media that reflects the voices of communities across the country.

Veterans Coming Home is currently in production, but we'll be posting stories, video, and photo from our road team all along the way. 


Developed for the online platforms where today’s generation of young veterans live, Veterans Coming Home offers an unprecedented opportunity for real communication between post-9/11 veterans and their civilian peers. Join the conversation at We've worked with an incredible team of impact producers (Micael Bogar, Jennifer MacArthur), Producers (Whitney Dow, Dez Hernandez) and digital strategists (Heidi Boisvert, Erica Sagrans, Jake DiGregorio) to put together a truly unique, first of its kind public media project. Learn more about our approach on the blog here