A Season for Healing

A Season for Healing
Posted by: Dakota Straub

Whether you’re celebrating a religious holiday this month or not, this is a good season for reflecting on where the year has brought us and what we will do next. This past year has often been disturbing and scary to watch unfold, with attacks in Paris, a refugee crisis, and acts of violence Americans have perpetrated against each other, not least in our hometown of Chicago. We’ve found ourselves asking how, amid divisiveness and violence, we can remain connected, active, and hopeful.

Kindling Group produced a series of webisodes several years back called What’s Your Calling around our PBS doc The Calling, where we interviewed people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds about some of the ways they found meaning in their lives and work.

Returning to these videos has felt healing and inspiring for us this holiday season. Here are just a few of our favorite stories. You can find the whole series here.


All of us at Kindling wish you a peaceful holiday season, and a bright New Year ahead.


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