The School Project


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During the 2014-2015 school year, The School Project will hold a screening event each month tackling a specific challenge to public education today. Visit to learn more about our events and to watch the full series.

The School Project is a cross-platform documentary project that explores challenges to public education in America.

By using Chicago as a microcosm we examine interrelated issues including inequity of resources, the growing trend toward school privatization, and race. The education issues in Chicago resonate in cities across America, and we will look at these policy decisions, how they get made and their consequences as they play out in our communities. A unique experiment in civic journalism, The School Project presents a compelling portrait of American education at a crossroads, exploring the urgent questions currently facing the Chicago Public Schools, and in turn, the nation.

The School Project is a collaboration between Kindling Group, Kartemquin Films, Siskel/Jacobs Production, Media Process Group, and Free Spirit Media, with producer Rachel Dickson and Supervising Editor Melissa Sterne.

The School Project builds on a hunger in Chicago and around the country for insightful debate on the state of public education. The project hosted six total events across Chicago during the 2014-2015 school year, on topics ranging from testing to Chicago's 2013 school closings. In between events, The School Project’s interactive website, social media channels, and YouTube outtakes generated rich conversation online.