Radical Grace


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February 2009: The Vatican launches two surprise investigations of American nuns, aiming to stamp out “radical feminism” and ensure sisters follow a conservative interpretation of doctrine.

Radical Grace follows three extraordinary nuns who faithfully honor their vow of obedience to God, even when it means angering the Church hierarchy. What does it mean for the sisters to be both devoted to, and in conflict, with a powerful religious institution? Feminists in a patriarchal faith? Why stay? Will the hard-line hierarchy dominate the Church in the 21st century, or will the sisters’ values of social justice and inclusion prevail?

A co-production with Interchange Productions, directed by Rebecca Parrish and produced by Nicole Bernardi-Reis. Executive Produced by Susan Sarandon and Danny Alpert.



Today, Pope Francis is changing the Vatican's conservative tone. But for decades, US nuns have been bucking the Church hierarchy by living a gospel of love, social justice and inclusion. Once the film is finished, our engagement campaign will build on their work to bolster progressive change within religious institutions and reclaim faith and morality as motivating forces for progressives, feminists, and movements for change.



“A meditation on the works of justice and mercy performed daily by thousands of women religious throughout the country” - National Catholic Reporter

“According to Sr. Simone, "the Holy Spirit makes mischief!" and that mischief can be witnessed in this film. Set to be released later this year, Radical Grace is a must see” - Huffington Post



Film Festivals. World Premiere at Hot Docs 2015; U.S. Premiere at AFI DOCS 2015.
Community Screenings. Chicago Humanities Festival, National Catholic Sisters Week, Good Pitch Chicago.
Press. Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, National Catholic Reporter, Bitch Films, Feminism and Religion, Rising Tide, and Women’s Ordination.