Nuns on the Bus Rally Dares to “Mend the Gaps"

Posted by: Marissa Ondra

Sister Simone Campbell, one of the inspiring nuns featured in Radical Grace, hit the road again for a new NETWORK Nuns on the Bus tour. Coinciding with both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, this trip was a particularly poignant one. Visiting 13 states and over 20 cities, the sisters traveled the country with a common purpose to “Mend the Gaps” by drawing attention to the widening economic and social inequalities and holding rallies across the country to promote positive change.

On July 13th, the Nuns on the Bus visited Springfield, Illinois — so we dispatched a team of Kindling Group interns to drive out there from Chicago to experience the action. The energy at the rally was electric as people crowded around the Lincoln statue at the Illinois State Capitol. A sudden thunderstorm during the rally couldn’t even dampen the spirits of those who came out in support. As we huddled for cover, we were drawn closer together and further unified by this important cause. Many spoke and shared their experiences, but Sister Simone, as executive director of the social justice lobby NETWORK, was the main event. Check out the video below for a glimpse into her fearless advocacy!

P.S. If you're still trying to catch up on the story on the Nuns on the Bus, want to revisit their work on the Affordable Care Act, or know a friend who would love the film, we're very excited to annouce that Radical Grace is now available on DVD! Make sure to get your copy and relive a powerful chapter in the story of three sisters whose faith drives them to work for justice.

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