Mission & Vision



Kindling Group is a nonfiction media studio that crafts outstanding documentaries and impact campaigns to inspire, entertain, and ignite change.



We envision a world where media connects art and activism to ignite audiences' empathy and inspire them to engage in positive change.



Crafting Film, Igniting Change



Kindling Group adheres to the following core values when implementing our mission:

  • We bring respect into everything we do— from subjects and viewers to our co­workers and partners.
  • We believe that well told stories are the core, but not the totality, of documentary filmmaking; that stories are told to move people and inspire action.
  • We put collaboration with filmmakers, activists and communities at the heart of our process.
  • We know that there are opportunities to reach audiences on screens, big and small, as traditional media models are disrupted.
  • We strive to break down barriers between production and engagement for deeper overall impact.