Meet The Fantastic Four: Intern Edition

Meet The Fantastic Four: Intern Edition
Posted by: Sierra Council
Tags: internship

Our superhero (and superheroine!) team of fall interns are harnassing their abilities and helping us take Kindling Group to the next level. They each bring a broad range of skillsets and we are confident that with this dynamic team on our side, our upcoming projects will soar. 

First assignment? Showcase your brand in one minute or less. Check them out! 

Sophie H. Mannaerts 

Superpowers:  Fundraising | Community Outreach and Organzing | Web Design and Maintenance | Writing Press Releases | Social Media Campaigns

Want to reach out to Sophie? Follow her on Twitter or check out her website

 Merrick Moore-Fields

Superpowers: Animation | Post-Production

Want to see more of Merrick's work? Check out his website at and Instagram, @Calamity.ness

Holly He

Superpowers: Web/Email News | Post Production | Social Media Management

Interested in learning what else Holly can do? Check out her website or visit her Instagram page, World Eats Me

Lara Patzik

Superpowers: Sound mixing | Writing | Research | Video Editing

Want to hear more from Lara? Connect with her on Linkedin! 

We are excited for the new adventures this cohort will embark on this semester. Want to follow their journey? Follow us on Twitter and check out the new Kindling Group Instagram page!