March On, Ladies

March On, Ladies
Posted by: Tiffany Dillon

Females … this one is for you.


When was the last time someone reminded you how phenomenally, fantastically female you are? Well, March is Women’s History Month — an entire month dedicated to honor female fierceness. That means that for a full 31 days we have the pleasure of remembering the women who came before us and cherishing those making strides today.


Just take a look at our Radical Grace stars fighting for gender equality in the Church. These 3 nuns have been reprimanded by the Vatican for their “radical feminism.” And still, they continue to fight. So, in of honor women everywhere, Radical Grace will have its first U.S. television premiere Tuesday, March 14th at 8 ET/ 7 CT on the WORLD Channel (check local listings).


Our stars are fighting for women in the Church, but we recognize every woman has a story of their own. So, we’d like to know, what is your story? In what ways do you show your female fierceness? Follow along with the broadcast and tweet your thoughts to #RadicalGrace.

And remember… stay fierce, females, stay fierce.

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