Join KG's Charter Group

We are part of the Kindling Group Charter Group, and we want you to join us.

Ever heard of “compassion fatigue”?

Kindling Group believes we can create a world where audiences don’t fear connecting to their empathy and their humanity; rather, they embrace those connections, knowing that they have the tools to engage in our culture to make positive change.

We believe because we’ve been doing it on a small scale for five years.

Now it is time to grow and we need your help.


We are asking 100 of our friends to give $1,000 to seed our Charter Fund, which will give our team the capacity to:

  1. Invest in 3 new high-quality film projects with companion advocacy campaigns in the coming year.
  2. Create a community of filmmakers who are supported by our team to innovate within their craft, and to make high-integrity connections with advocates.
  3. Follow-through on critical advocacy efforts launched in the past year, via No Small Matter, Veterans Coming Home and Radical Grace as well as reignite our efforts with The Calling, A Doula Story, and @home
  4. Document our impact and share findings throughout the year through robust case studies, speaking engagements, and efforts to increase the visibility of our work.


We don’t want you to take our word for it. Kick the tires. Check out our impact:

  • A Doula Story’s national campaign included advocacy that led to federal funding of community-based doula programs and the replication of the community-based doula model featured in the film. 
  • In just 5 years, Kindling Group has produced four award-winning feature length documentaries for public television.
  • @home’s online and offline engagement campaign has reached hundreds of thousands— empowering homeless individuals to tell their stories, providing encouragement to those working with the homeless, and changing hearts and minds of people about this challenging subject.
  • Veterans Coming Home has reached upwards of a million people, spurring the dialogue around the military-civilian divide and bridging the gap between our service members and the communities to which they return


Charter Group Members To Date Include:


Jerel Bangayan

Elizabeth Blinderman

Michael Bloom & Chava Alpert

Eric Ceputis

Chris and Joe Chevrie

Josie Davis

David Egeland

Andy Friedman

Jorge Gamboa

Mitch Gordon

Kimberly Holley

Jenni Holt

Rachel Kraft & Doug Brown

Andy Lerner

Hilary McCutcheon

Bradley Reiff & Caryn Summer

Sheila Roche

Maria Rosner

Navi Sandhu

Brendan Sheehy

Susan White


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