Why Do Foreign Documentaries Go Unseen?

Posted by : Esmeralda Medina

Foreign documentaries can help us think about people who are living in places outside of where we live and different perspectives on globa

The Real World: KG Intern Edition

Posted by : Dakota Straub

At KG,we've been lucky to find incredible interns every semester. They really make us feel pretty darn confident in a bright future for doc film. This summer's cohort totally carries on the tradition. They are talented, hard-working, and — best of all — fun! Check out this great short piece they produced about their work here this summer.

Happy Friday!

Q&A: How Do We Create "An Inconvenient Truth" for Early Childhood?

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

We've learned so much from talking with partners and experts as we prepare a campaign strategy plan for No Small Matter - from priorities and challenges at the local level, to best practices for engaging with specific audiences, to how ECE programs measure return on investment.

Why we’re tackling the military-civilian divide

Posted by : Dakota Straub

This Fourth of July, Veterans Coming Home’s brilliant impact producer, Micael Bogar, wrote a powerful editorial for Yes Magazine. Kindling’s recent work on the military-civilian divide may seem a little off the beaten path from other issues we’ve taken on, but Micael’s piece, while in some respects very personal, discusses a framework called “moral injury,” which really speaks to the issues we are trying to address with Veterans Coming Home

KG Welcomes Largest Group of Summer Interns

Posted by : KG Intern

Summer is here, and with it, a new cohort of Kindling interns! This summer, we’re thrilled to welcome our largest intern cohort ever —  eleven college and high school students hailing from schools all over the country.  From post-production on projects like Veterans Coming Home to distribution of Radical Grace, and building No Small Matter’s impact campaign, we’re very excited to have their help on Kindling’s projects, and to help introduce them to the world of doc film production. 

Ready to rumble? Watch our latest No Small Matter vlog

Posted by : Marissa Ondra

Rachel Giannini is back with more tricks of the trade for little learners. Don’t let the glitter and glue fool you — early educators are some of the hardest working individuals in the field. As No Small Matter navigates post-production, we encourage you join this eye-opening discovery of early education through our video blog.

For the Benefit of the Team

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

Check out the first in our series of 10 documentary videos for Kindling's latest project, Veterans Coming Home, in this excerpt from the VCH blog:


Elizabeth Hash, a Kansas Army National Guard recruiter, says being in the military fulfills her in a way she hasn’t found anywhere else. That realization came after a peacekeeping deployment in Kosovo. “When I came home I was missing that and trying to find where I belonged.” She feels she found it in roller derby.

Radical Grace Joins “A Church for our Daughters” Campaign

Posted by : Dakota Straub

We’re proud of the strong partnerships the Radical Grace team has formed with our interfaith network of partner organizations interested in faith, feminism, and social justice.

What does faithful feminism look like, you ask? One inspiring new campaign for equity in the Catholic Church is leading the way, and we’re excited to be a part of it:

“Gloomy Glory”: A project by KG intern Ji

Posted by : Ife Olatunji

An important part of Kindling Group’s internship program is supporting our interns in their pursuit of independent projects, both fiction and documentary. This year our No Small Matter post-production intern, Ji Jinglu, a senior at Columbia College, developed and shot her own short film blending animation and live action to tell the story of memories and discarded waste.

Radical Grace at DocYourWorld

Posted by : KG Intern

Hello! Elly Tier here. I am a senior at Columbia College Chicago currently serving as the talent coordinator for this year’s DocYourWorld event. I also happen to be a post production intern for Kindling Group and was excited to find out we’d be able to screen Radical Grace. I have been following this film for about a year now and have been a fan of it since I first knew of its making.