A Message for Our Kindling Group Family

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

On Tuesday, many of us were blindsided by a new American reality.


Now we must grapple with how and why we didn’t see this week’s major wave coming, and how little we actually know about America’s “flyover country.” There is plenty of blame to go around — for many, the mainstream media sits at the top of the list. We’ve witnessed a refusal to dig deeper, to wrestle with the numbers, to think outside the box, and to look at the barefaced facts. So where does the American public go for a dose of reality?


November: Veterans Coming Home on The World Channel

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Exciting news: Veterans Coming Home is scheduled to air on the World Channel throughout November!

Chakka’s Picks: The 52nd Chicago International Film Festival

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Photo Credit: Rashid Zakat


Getting Real With Kindling Group!

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The International Documentary Association’s Getting Real

Takeaways from Story Movements

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

Photo Credit: Center for Media and Social Impact

The Center for Media and Impact Studies always puts on a thought-provoking conference. I recently joined them for the two day convening Story Movements, which explored how a wide variety of storytellers — journalists, filmmakers, game designers, and more — are pushing change forward with cutting-edge technology and creative new approaches.

Meet Our New Digital Content Producer!

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Hello! My name is Chakka Reeves and I am excited to be Kindling Group’s new Digital Content Producer! I’m a native south side Chicagoan, where I teach digital media arts to alternative school students.

Back To School

Posted by : Dakota Straub

Ah, August, a time for new year’s resolutions …

Wait, what?! 

Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel like that time of year for all of us, but for teachers, parents, and kids who are just about to jump into the school year, it’s exactly the right time to be making plans for a new beginning.

This week, Rachel Giannini, early educator extraordinaire and the host of our No Small Matter vlog, shared "10 Things Your Preschool Teacher Wants You To Know." 

Check it out:

How To Do More Than a Job

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon

It’s not about the work.


Tell us what you think… A strategy we’re testing

Posted by : Dakota Straub

This week, we’re trying something new to engage our Veterans Coming Home audience. It’s a video. I know, I know… doesn’t sound new, does it?

Well, here’s what’s new about it: This video, part of a series of three, asks specific questions of our audience to solicit their stories and questions — to get them talking amongst themselves in a meaningful way. Our first video features Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Hash, an Army National Guard recruiter, who wonders if she would be able to survive in the civilian world…

Nuns on the Bus Rally Dares to “Mend the Gaps"

Posted by : Marissa Ondra

Sister Simone Campbell, one of the inspiring nuns featured in Radical Grace, hit the road again for a new NETWORK Nuns on the Bus tour. Coinciding with both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, this trip was a particularly poignant one. Visiting 13 states and over 20 cities, the sisters traveled the country with a common purpose to “Mend the Gaps” by drawing attention to the widening economic and social inequalities and holding rallies across the country to promote positive change.