Chicago’s “Pocket Sized” Film Festival

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon



A few weeks ago we gave you a taste of what’s to come at Chicago’s European Union Film Festival. And while a European getaway interests many, we know many of you might be craving something a little different. Perhaps a festival that’s a little smaller and closer to home?

March On, Ladies

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon

Females … this one is for you.


Take a Trip to Europe This March

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon

Interested in taking a trip to Europe for as little as $7.00?


Celebrating the Black Experience - With a Little Help From Netflix

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon

There’s no better way to close out Black History Month than by recognizing the filmmakers who have and are currently shaping the definition of Black America. And, as a media house dedicated to preserving the arts, we’ve prepared a Netflix list to help you do just that.  


February is for film ...

Posted by : Tiffany Dillon

Here at the Kindling Group we’re all about getting fellow film aficionados together to geek out over great films. No film buff should be left alone to drown in that tempting, isolating world we call “Netflix.”


How Filmmakers Can Rebuild our Media Landscape

Posted by : Ellen Dziubek

It has been a week since inauguration day, and the constant media churn just won’t let up.


Meet the Spring 2017 Interns!

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

It is our pleasure to welcome a new intern cohort to Kindling Group this spring! Per usual we’ve got a strong crew, bringing experience in video, digital organizing, and television to the table — as well as some a cappella chops, a pet cat, and a ukelele. Our interns will work on both Kindling Group engagement campaigns and post-production, and we can't wait to dive in.

Meet the interns!


The Engagement Life Cycle: Pre-Production

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

Many funders, partners, and viewers like to ask us exactly how we go about structuring an engagement campaign, and how we measure our films’ and projects’ impacts. So we figured it might be useful to outline the life cycle of a Kindling engagement campaign, right here on the blog.

2016: A Year in Video

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

2016 has been nothing if not a year full of surprises and excitement — and that certainly holds true for us here at Kindling Group. We took on challenging new projects, like Veterans Coming Home, launched a weekly vlog for our forthcoming feature No Small Matter, and followed exciting movements in politics for a yet-to-be-announced new series (shh!). Across the board, we grew — as filmmakers, as strategists, and as a Kindling Group family.

Our Holiday Picks!

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It is officially winter, Christmas and Hanukkah are around the corner, and we here at Kindling Group can’t wait to spend time with family, friends and our