Meet The Fantastic Four: Intern Edition

Posted by : Sierra Council

Our superhero (and superheroine!) team of fall interns are harnassing their abilities and helping us take Kindling Group to the next level. They each bring a broad range of skillsets and we are confident that with this dynamic team on our side, our upcoming projects will soar. 

First assignment? Showcase your brand in one minute or less. Check them out! 

Sophie H. Mannaerts 

Charlottesville: A Reminder

Posted by : Sierra Council

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. - Elie Wiesel


Prenups - For Partners?

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

This past week, we had the delight of hosting Ellen Schneider, director of Active Voice Lab, for a deep dive into the secret sauce of impact filmmaking: PARTNERSHIPS!

Why We Remember | Memorial Day 2017

Posted by : Sierra Council

"After the war is done, no one really thinks about the soldiers that have died. That have sacrificed themselves for their country." 


Today is Memorial Day. In honor and rememberance of those who have died for our country, we reflect on the stories of service and sacrifice from our project, Veterans Coming Home. 


"Beautiful People Who Do Beautiful Human Things" : A Conversation with Filmmaker Vanessa Gould

Posted by : Sierra Council

To kickstart our “Meet A Filmmaker” series, I had the pleasure of interviewing award-winning  filmmaker and director, Vanessa Gould. We met Vanessa at this year’s Doc10 Festival where her acclaimed film, Obit, had its Chicago premiere.

The Engagement Life Cycle: Production

Posted by : Laura Fallsgraff

Having done our homework in the pre-production phase, learning about the issue, interviewing stakeholders, and developing a strategy that draws on the stories we’re trying to tell, it’s time to get our hands dirty.

Why You Should Be Making Your Way to Chicago Latino Film Festival This Week

Posted by : Sierra Council

“To see people who look like you in the media is tremendously important.” says local Chicago filmmaker, Arlen Parsa.


Do Your Films Reflect Your Calling?

Posted by : Sierra Council

As documentary filmmakers, what inspires us to cover the stories that we choose?

Reflections From Inside The Theatre

Posted by : Sierra Council

Kindling Group attended the Doc10 Film Festival in Chicago this past weekend. Our Digital Producer, Sierra Council, shares her thoughts.


KG's Interns Ask Chicago: Is There Enough Access to Early Learning in the City?

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Kindling's intrepid team of interns recently hit the streets in our hometown of Chicago to ask everyday folks — including some educators and parents of preschool-aged kids: do enough families have good access to daycare and preschool?

Watch this quick video — part of our digital campaign surrounding our feature film No Small Matter — to hear what Chicagoans had to say about early learning in the Windy City.